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Rosa Parks seat

Rosa Parks seat.

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From the Mantle to the Chipper: Thoughts on the Last Days of Christmas Trees

Scroll down to see where these guys wind up.trees-tile

As long as I’ve lived in the city, I’ve had a fascination with curbside trash, not in garbage bins, but things from people’s homes that have been cast to the street.  Furniture, sporting goods, kitchenware, mattresses (often with signs to clarify their bedbug status), boxy TV’s that have been replaced by flat screens.  Sad objects out of their element, waiting to be collected, re purposed, burned, or hopefully given a new home.  At times I find it humorous, at others depressing, but always interesting, like little clues about our society, our consumption habits, tastes, neighborhoods, and individual households.

At this time of year, the curbside Christmas tree is a ubiquitous city sight, everywhere at the moment, and trickling off for a few months (some of the above photos were shot as late as April). They are particularly interesting because they…

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Finding Motivation Early in the Morning

Rev Rider

The alarm rings at 4:45 am.

It is dark.

It is cold.

I’m tired.  I need sleep.

I don’t think I’ll ride.

I turn off the alarm, roll over, and my thoughts continue:

Those guys will miss you, and you’ll catch flack.

Mike B will hold you accountable.

It’s not that cold … wimp.

You will get behind in your miles.

You are in training for the Flèche.

If you don’t ride, you are restricted to 1400 calories today.

If you are going to lay here debating about whether or not to ride, you might as well get up and ride.

And so I climb out of bed, get ready to ride, and make it to the Rusty Bridge on time.

There are a total of 6 people out in the 23° F temperatures and we ride.  We ride fast for a little while.  We ride slow at times.  And…

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My new year’s resolutions – helping the environment more


2013 (iStock21783157)I tend to consider September, with its emphasis on back-to-school new beginnings as more of a new year, however every January I do try to make some new year’s resolutions.

Some studies indicate that by the end of January, a third of people will have broken their new year’s resolutions, and by July more than half will have lapsed.  I try to ensure my resolutions aren’t too grandiose, thereby making them more achievable.

You can set resolutions for many different aspects of your life: family, relationships, health and fitness, foodgardening.  Some of my resolutions for 2013 are to be a bit more environmentally friendly.

I’ll ditch the single serve yogurt cups

Buying yogurt in large tubs (that can go in the Blue Box) is better than single serve yogurt cups (which currently go in the garbage).  I’m picky about which yogurt I like, and…

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Bicycle Repair service for Cradley

Got a bicycle? Need it repaired?

The Cradley Cycle Works will look after your bike, weather it is a £5 scrap man special to a £1000 cycle to work scheme bike, we don’t care. All we want is to help you to continue to enjoy it!

We know you may not have the time or the skills to make sure your bike is as good as it could be so we can help by maintaining and servicing it for you. Hey, we’ll even do it while you’re at work so you aren’t without your steed!

Any job, doesn’t matter how small. Don’t matter to us, just give me a call!


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The Cradley Cycle Works need you!

Have you got an old bike or bikes festering in your shed or garden? Want rid?

Don’t give them to the scrap man to flog to China! you could help a local business instead!

By donating your bike to the Cradley Cycle Works you will be helping your local community by allowing it to be either:

  • Refurbished for use as transport by others in the community who haven’t a bike and can’t afford an expensive one and need to get around.
  • Broken for parts to help other bikes in the community stay on the road.
  • Made into a useful cargo bike for the use of local businesses for local deliveries or just as an eye catching promotional tool.

The Cradley Cycle Works is not for profit – all money will be ploughed back into the business to develop it so it can help the local community.

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Well, hello there and welcome!

Hello, thanks for dropping by!

As you will be aware, this is a new thing for me so please, be gentle while I find my feet.

The whole idea is to help my local community by getting them on their bikes! Now I don’t want them all to rush off and buy the latest hyper new carbon wachamacallit from wherever (but please DO support your local bike shop) I want you all to look into the back of your sheds and dust off that bile that’s been sitting there since I don’t know when and get on and ride it! Don’t worry if it needs help, this is where I come in!

Ill help you repair it if it’s broken, rebuild  it if it’s really broken or there is a third way…

If you just want rid I will take it, recycle parts off it to help other poorly bikes in the community live then turn it into another form of bike. Latest projects are a recumbent made out old mountain bikes (pics to follow) and the new project of a load lugging cargo bike. All these will be available to buy from here so keep looking, there might be something that takes your eye here in the future!

From time to time bikes will become available to resell (note, I will not sell you a new bike from here. Go on and support your local bike shop! They need your help!). Any decent pieces of kit that come floating around here will be checked over and offered for sale on here. Any profits that are made will be ploughed back into the cycle works project, hey, if we get enough money together we can start employing and training long term unemployed people to give them a fighting chance in our shiny new big society (ha!).

Anyway, enough rambling and ill speak to you soon. Off to the works to see what’s happening. Speak to you soon!

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