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For Sale: Custom Trail/Hybrid

Trail/Hybrid based on Claude Butler Urban 500


Well, here’s another beauty from the Bowels of the Cycle Works!

Based upon a Claude Butler Urban 500 frame in Aluminium, this bike has been the subject of a wide range of upgrades to make it into quite a lovely all purpose bike, ready for the weekend jolly or longer distance commute.

Fitted with lightweight 28 spoke wheels and all purpose tyres more suited for road and occasional trail/canal towpath use.

Avid ‘V’ brakes with upgraded multi weather brake blocks.

Stem with adjustable angle to make it one of the most comfortable bikes I have ridden for a long time.

Shimano triple chainring and wide ratio gearing: This bike will climb anything that’s put in front of it or makes the post work hill climb a doddle!

Carbon fibre front fork. Forget heavy front suspension forks weighing you down. This alternative is so much lighter and gives the bike a far more responsive feel yet still removes that road/light trail “buzz” from your hands meaning you can ride comfortably for longer.

In conclusion a wonderful all rounder that could just be every bike you want for day to day.

This will be checked over before sale but don’t forget, this is a used item and will obviously show signs of wear and tear. Why not e-mail me on cradleycycleworks @ gmail . com or ring me on 07564 003 864

Priced to sell at £200

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