From the Mantle to the Chipper: Thoughts on the Last Days of Christmas Trees

05 Jan

Scroll down to see where these guys wind up.trees-tile

As long as I’ve lived in the city, I’ve had a fascination with curbside trash, not in garbage bins, but things from people’s homes that have been cast to the street.  Furniture, sporting goods, kitchenware, mattresses (often with signs to clarify their bedbug status), boxy TV’s that have been replaced by flat screens.  Sad objects out of their element, waiting to be collected, re purposed, burned, or hopefully given a new home.  At times I find it humorous, at others depressing, but always interesting, like little clues about our society, our consumption habits, tastes, neighborhoods, and individual households.

At this time of year, the curbside Christmas tree is a ubiquitous city sight, everywhere at the moment, and trickling off for a few months (some of the above photos were shot as late as April). They are particularly interesting because they…

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Posted by on January 5, 2013 in News


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